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Welcome to the website of DR. JULIE GROSS McADAM, and the McAdam Aged Care Art Recreation Therapy program known as MAC.ART.


The MAC.ART program celebrates the prospect of new and creative directions in aged care, dementia specific programming and community participation into the future. 


Enjoy viewing the artworks created through the MAC.ART process and take a moment to reflect on the achievements of each of the participants.



The stereotyped notion of a residential aged care facility is one of inactivity, a centre of passivity where staff lack vitality and enthusiasm and residents are bored.

It was to reverse that stereotype that I devised the MAC.ART program - it stands for McAdam Aged Care Art Recreation Therapy. MAC.ART was developed with several unique and innovative person-centred design concepts, and was introduced into the Australian aged care sector during 2001.


COMING SOON ten new MAC.ARTworks.


Including the "Gaye Virginia Rockman" memorial artwork, the Heritage Lakes, "Schoolhouse" artwork and eight other significant artworks demonstrating the MAC.ART process.


This gallery contains images and details of a selection of MAC.ART projects, behind the scenes and final artworks.


Founder and Program Director 


Dr. Julie Gross McAdam PhD is a gerontologist, an author and the program director of MAC.ART, an established, internationally respected and multi- award winning dementia-specific art as recreation therapy program (


Established in 2001, the MAC.ART program draws on the life-story experiences of participants to create large scale, permanent, communal artworks. For the past decade, Dr Gross McAdam has directed over three thousand artists in aged and community healthcare settings in Australia and North America, to create more than thirty communal artworks that depict the life and times of the contributing participants.


Dr Gross McAdam is an Executive Member of the Society for the Arts in Dementia Care (North America). She holds undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in the graphic arts, recreation therapy, aged care and dementia services. These qualifications include a Graduate Certificate in Aged Services, a Graduate Diploma in Dementia Care and Service, and a Master of Health Science – Aged Services degree. Her ongoing research and PhD thesis focuses on the relationship between art and wellbeing for those living with dementia.



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